The Right's Distraction Agenda

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Right's Distraction Agenda

By way of Pandagon-- American Family Association claims that the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" is slated to go before the Senate early next month. How they know this we don't know, no one else seems to, including the congressional record or any national LGBT rights groups.

Maybe Don Wildom is trying to see how well he can wag the dog, or perhaps someone with the power to control the Senate agenda (cough, Frist, cough) promised him and gave them a head's up. Although Bush made no mention of the need to protect marriage from people who want to marry in his SOTU address. What gives?

I really hope some LGBT groups and their allies get out in front of this. I wish people would seize upon it in a way that disarms the anti-gay folks. One of the reasons its such a powerful weapon is that Dems act nervous whenever it comes up. The Dems need to realize that with all that is going on people are not going to vote singularly based on this issue in November, they can afford to reject it 8 months before the mid-terms. In fact it would help them to get it off the table entirely.

At this time in American culture the best people to defend GLBT people are not GBLT people themselves-- it's our families. Sometimes I think it's the assumption that we are a small minority with limited family support that helps anti-gay people dehumanize us. They don't feel like they have much opposition to their agenda except for gay and lesbian people themselves. I wonder what would happen if everyone who has a gay or lesbian relative stood up all at once. I'd really love to see PFLAG get centerstage.

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