Major Allegations in a N.Y. Lawsuit

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Major Allegations in a N.Y. Lawsuit

A Village Voice reporter writes about a federal lawsuit recently filed by Bob Hoatson, a New Jersey Catholic priest:
Who knows whether (New York) Cardinal Edward Egan is sleeping soundly these days .... he'd have every reason to be restless after the recent advent of a little-noticed lawsuit.

... (Hoatson) is suing Egan and nine other Catholic officials and institutions, claiming a pattern of "retaliation and harassment" that began after Hoatson alleged a cover-up of clergy abuse in New York and started helping victims.

But that's not all his lawsuit claims. Halfway through the 44-page complaint, the priest-turned-advocate drops a bomb on the cardinal: He alleges that Egan is "actively homosexual," and that he has "personal knowledge of this." His suit names two other top Catholic clerics in the region as actively gay — Albany bishop Howard Hubbard and Newark archbishop John Myers.

It's not that Hoatson has a problem with, as the suit puts it, "consensual, adult private sexual behavior by these defendants."

No, what Hoatson claims is that, as leaders of a church requiring celibacy and condemning homosexuality, actively gay bishops are too afraid of being exposed themselves to turn in pedophile priests.

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