A Lying Douchebag In Reagan's Image

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Lying Douchebag In Reagan's Image

It has been a while since I have posted anything on Manuel Miranda - aka "The Lying Douchebag" - in part because the last anyone really heard of him, he was sitting on his couch, orchestrating the Right's fight for John Roberts and Samuel Alito and against Harriet Miers.

Well, he succeeded. And for his success he received the Ronald Reagan Award at the recent CPAC conference (though he didn't get it all to himself - he had to share it, and the $10,000 stipend, with Susette Kelo of Kelo v. New London fame.)

And just what did the CPACers get from this man who is still under investigation for reading internal Democratic memos?

More or less this
And so anything that I have been doing is simply to say thank you to this country that took my mother and father and two young children. And I've always thought that that was true courage, my father and mother coming to a country and not speaking a word of English and doing great things. And so, I'm very grateful and awards are always really a way to thank a great many people not just the person who receives them. And so, if you applaud me again, I ask you to applaud my wife, who's put up with a great deal.
I imagine that she has. Watching your husband get canned and publicly humiliated for unethically obtaining and reading private documents cannot be easy. But watching a bunch of right-wing nuts give him an award for it must really make her proud.

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