Canadian Priests: Enough Is Enough

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Canadian Priests: Enough Is Enough

Nineteen Catholic priests took aim at the Church's stand on homosexuality in an open letter published this weekend in Montreal's La Presse newspaper. According to this report from PlanetOut:
Titled "Enough is enough," the priests' letter charged that by considering homosexuality a "disorder," the church is contributing to homophobia.

"There is no reason for the ban on homosexual men from entering the priesthood," Raymond Gravel, one of the letter's 19 signatories, told the Edmonton Journal.

... When it comes to "the mysteries of life," Gravel pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church has been wrong before in its 2,000-year history, and said it is wrong again now. Gravel said he and the other Quebec priests who signed the letter felt they could no longer remain silent.

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