Over the Line II

Monday, January 09, 2006

Over the Line II

About a year ago, I posted on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's saying, in effect, that Condoleezza Rice needed to get laid. I called that remark "Over the Line," and now I've got another one.

Last year, I was hesitant to make any overall judgment about Chavez (i.e., I wasn't Pat Robertson).
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is one of the Bush administration's second-tier bad guys--call them the Auxiliary of Evil. I have a hard time coming to a view on the guy, who has won elections but who also at the very least has demagogic tendencies. People's feelings about Chavez seem to be extreme in either direction, so it's difficult to know which information is reliable.
Now, I'm still too uninformed to be definitive, but Chavez has been doing a lot over that period that's been very troubling. As an semi-informed person, I think he's a nut, and a potentially dangerous nut at that.

By the way, as a better-informed person, I'm certain that Pat Robertson is a nut, and a potentially dangerous nut at that.

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