It Figures

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It Figures

I noticed via Daou Report that a right wing news outlet has a post I actually agree with-- that there should be a way to stop Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps from protesting funerals, especially the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq, without violating the First Amendment.

I should have stopped there. I made the mistake of going to the post's comments to see if other wingnuts agreed. They do, however, the discussion quickly devolved into focusing on one very odd thing about Phelps-- they argue that he's a leftwinger because he's a registered Democrat. This tactic isn't completely without precedent. I wrote a post a few months ago where Sean Hannity on FoxNews mentions a soldier funeral protest and erroneously says the people were anti-war protesters, never mentions Phelps or any of his famous slogans by name.

By their rationale it's not your views that make you a Democrat or Republican, it's what you call yourself. Interesting way to distance themselves from someone whose views of gay people are the logical extension of their own, eh? If you believe that gay marriage/relationships are a "threat" to civilization/American society/Christianity than how different is it to view the very existence of gay people as a "threat"? Sorry, folks, but it's mere hairsplitting. People who don't like gay people or those who express their dislike of gay people by vehemently rejecting same-sex relationships are members of the same gay-hatin' club.

Seriously, Fred Phelps a liberal? No sir, more like a raving, no-sense-making gay-hating lunatic. For instance, try to make sense of this sign.

Unless Fred knows something we don't (maybe Laura had a business relationship with Jeff Gannon?) this sign is a testament to his total nuttery.

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