From Grover to Grover

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

From Grover to Grover

Dear Grover Norquist,

You have the following quote at the top of your organization's website, Americans for Tax Reform.
"I will not be party to stealing money from one group of citizens to give to another group of citizens; no matter what the need or apparent justification. Once the coffers of the federal government are open to the public, there will be no shutting them again. It is the responsibility of the citizens to support their government. It is not the responsibility of the government to support its citizens."

-President Grover Cleveland
Hey, Grover "friend of Jack" Norquist, if you were to take a trip to Princeton, New Jersey you'd find that you'd be overwhelmed by a loud, whirring noise.

That's me, spinning my grave.

Could you take the quote down, please?

Thank you.

Grover Cleveland
(channeled via zoe kentucky)

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