DeLay's Successor: George Will Weighs In

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DeLay's Successor: George Will Weighs In

On Sunday, I made this post about the campaign for the House Majority Leader's post, which has been abandoned by Rep. Tom DeLay. The two leading contenders to succeed "the Hammer" are Reps. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and John Boehner (R-Ohio).

In this Tuesday column, George Will made his preference quite clear. Although l am not a fan of George Will fan, on this occasion his sarcasm had a deliciously wicked tone (and a most appropriate target):
... one should not taint all [GOP congressmen] because of the behavior of most of them. Why, perhaps half a dozen of the 231 Republican representatives authored none of the transportation bill's 6,371 earmarks -- pork projects. And now among House Republicans there are Darwinian stirrings, prompted by concerns about survival.

... whom should Republicans elect (to succeed DeLay)?

Roy Blunt of Missouri, the man who was selected, not elected, to replace DeLay, is a champion of earmarks as a form of constituent service. If, as one member says, "the problem is not just DeLay but 'DeLay Inc.' " Blunt is not the solution.

So far -- the field may expand -- the choice for majority leader is between Blunt and John Boehner of Ohio. A salient fact: In 15 years in the House, Boehner has never put an earmark in an appropriations or transportation bill.

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