Alito Tries to Have It Both Ways on CAP

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito Tries to Have It Both Ways on CAP

Former Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley and current Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist are both Princeton alumni. In the 1970s, both Bradley and Frist renounced their membership in a group called Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP). Bradley called CAP "right wing," and Frist said CAP had a "narrow ideological perspective."

But Samuel Alito? As a Princeton alumnus, he was asked about CAP yesterday. According to the Washington Post:
Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s membership in [CAP] ... (was) touted among his conservative credentials in a 1985 application for a political appointment in the Reagan Justice Department ...

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.) and other Democrats demanded to know why the son of an Italian immigrant would take credit for membership in a "radical" group that opposed increased enrollment of women and minorities ...

Alito, a 1972 Princeton graduate, testified yesterday that he has no recollection of joining the group ...
But even though he doesn't remember joining CAP, Alito seems sure that
... he joined only because he supported the return of ROTC to the Princeton campus.
If he can't even recall joining the group, how credible is his explanation for why he joined?

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