Why Do I Even Try?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why Do I Even Try?

My weekly Dutch lesson begins in a few minutes. Maybe I shouldn't bother.
Dutch is a complicated and illogical language, according to 60 percent of the Dutch people taking part in a new opinion poll.
Also, I may as well give up on trying to figure out spelling. As I mentioned a while ago, new spelling rules are coming into force, but it turns out that a lot of people haven't even assimilated the last round of changes from 1995.
The new spelling rules that come into force on August 2006 are unknown to 67 percent of the public....Only 28 percent of the respondents feel they have mastered the 1995 standard, as laid out in 'De Groene Boek' (the Dutch language 'bible'), and an equally large number of people say they still use the pre-1995 spelling....Several Dutch newspapers, magazines, the national news broadcaster NOS, and news website Planet.nl have announced they will boycott the new spelling.
I love their reasoning and completely agree that these are grounds for a boycott: "The editors claim the latest revision makes the language unnecessarily unclear and ugly."

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