Scrubbing Away Abramoff's Stench

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scrubbing Away Abramoff's Stench

Thanks to (P)rick for bringing it to our attention that Jack Abramoff's posh "Signatures" restaurant is soliciting suggestions on their website for a new name. (Can't imagine why...)

Have any ideas about what they should call it? Let them know.

Considering the place is destined to be a Trivial Pursuit answer they also might want to revise the following description from their "about us" page.
One of Washington's most exciting restaurants, Signatures has already earned acclaim from the Wall Street Journal as "DC's Meeting Spot for Movers and Shakers." Home to many of Washington's most recognizable political figures, Signatures has played host to royalty, Hollywood stars and sports legends.

While dining at Signatures, you can also enjoy viewing our historic artifacts and rare political memorabilia, which are available for purchase if you so desire.
Political "movers and shakers" often meet there and can buy each other rare, expensive things? What do you think the going rate is for Tom Delay's leftovers?

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