Declaring Victory Over a Faux War

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Declaring Victory Over a Faux War

Example #265 that sometimes the wingnuttery is clinically delusional. From Vision America's Rick Scarborough Report*:
Thirty days ago, Merry Christmas was almost expunged from the public square, but Christians and many of our Jewish friends stood up to the infidels and said “Enough!” and suddenly corporate America stood up, took note, reversed earlier boardroom decisions, and affirmed that Christmas is truly CHRISTmas! Our “It’s OK to Say MERRY CHRISTMAS” campaign spread all the way to Australia.
If anyone can show me *any* examples that any of this actually happened I'd truly love to see it.

Vision American is likely an obscure right-wing group you've never heard of, however, their annual conference lineup looks something like this:
Senator Sam Brownback
Senator John Cornyn
Congressman Tom DeLay
Congressman Todd Akin
Congressman Louis Gohmert
Phyllis Schlafly
Alan Keyes
Gary Bauer
Janet Parshall
Rick Scarborough (president of Vision America)
Conference panels Include: The Gay Agenda: America WonÂ’t Be Happy and Taking Our Faith to the Ballot Box.

Yes, we gays have an agenda-- we're coming for you! boogity! boogity!

These people are so in love with the idea of being persecuted that they selectively ignore the fact that they are living in a country that is overwhelmingly Christian and run by a conservative Christian government. Persecution complex anyone? Is it any wonder why liberals/Democrats think they're detached from reality?

* I received it via e-mail. If you'd like a copy, just ask.

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