Zoe's Favorite Spam <em>Ever</em>

Monday, November 07, 2005

Zoe's Favorite Spam Ever

I can't help it, this is the funniest spam I've ever received at my zoekentucky-the-angry-lesbian-feminist email address -- not to mention it is suprisingly well-written and spellchecked!

Still thinking which women make better wives? Considering Latinos, Filipinos, Asians?

We don’t want to seem meddlesome but RUSSIAN women are the first ones to be considered! Why??? As some guys say, “Go with the Russians! They will cook, clean and do anything else you want…”

More than that - it is absolutely impossible not to admit (we can’t help mentioning) the exceptional beauty of Russian girls! Look at those slim bodies, long tanned legs, wasp waists, tempting looks…

Still hesitating? Explore 15,000+ other good-looking Russian and Ukrainian ladies!
15,000 women!?!?!? Who has that kind of time?

I do love the fact that they openly acknowledge that their interested clientele are looking for some kind of wife=property/whore/indentured servant relationship-- with tanned women from Russia and the Ukraine, no less! Talk about your misleading advertising. I've known quite a few Russians in my time-- I've been to Russia, half of my family is of Russian/Easter European origin-- and not a single one is approaching "tan." (If they go to the beach they worry about spontaneous combustion if they don't wear 1000+ SPF sunblock.) Russian women really aren't too well-known for being too tall or wasp-waisted either. But I suppose that is neither here nor there considering that they're describing them like they're livestock.

Also, they don't want to "seem meddlesome"? Coming from spam? Priceless!

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