Yes, Yes, We Hate Polls

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yes, Yes, We Hate Polls

Except when they surprise us and undermine a conservative talking point. For instance, a new poll shows that the American people are a lot more concerned about Plamegate than the media or punditry gives them credit for, that even without the element of sex it is still a compelling, troubling scandal. From Editor & Publisher.
Some 51% said [the Plame/CIA leak scandal] is already of "great importance," with 35% choosing "some importance" and 12% "little or not importance." Here are comparable numbers for other notable scandals in recent years, along with the month and year the poll was taken:

--Clinton-Lewinsky (1/98)

Great importance - 41%
Some importance - 21%
Little/no importance - 37%

--Whitewater (3/94)

Great importance - 20%
Some importance - 29%
Little/no importance - 45%

--Iran-Contra (2/87)

Great importance - 48%
Some importance - 33%
Little/no importance - 19%

--Watergate (5/73; Gallup Poll)

Great importance - 53%
Some importance - 25%
Little/no importance - 22%
Yes, according to this poll the public thinks Plamegate is more important than Watergate, Monicagate, and it even beats Iran-Contra. With numbers like those the dems' new emboldened strategy appears to have a pretty low risk factor.

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