Today in Homo News

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today in Homo News

Yesterday Texans voted overwhelmingly in favor of writing "we do not like homos and they cannot marry here" into their state constitution. Shocking, I know. Apparently last weekend's KKK rally in favor of the ballot initiative didn't prompt too many Texans to think twice, nor did the fact that they have already banned same-sex marriage via a state DOMA. Regardless, the only people affected by this are the estimated 43,000 same-sex couples in Texas. A word of advice to them? Move. Although I do suggest that they stay the heck away from Bloomington, Indiana.

However, on a happier note, Maine voters stood up to the efforts of anti-gay thugs who attempted to repeal via ballot initiative basic discrimination protections (housing, employment) that were passed by the legislature earlier this year. The message to Maine's homos? You are free to stay.

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