This morning on CNN...

Friday, November 18, 2005

This morning on CNN...

it was like watching Jon Stewart without the jokes.

The other day it was Soledad O'Brien who seemed to finally get the point of her job, today it was her co-anchor, the other O'Brien, Miles. This morning around 7 am in a segment called "Fighting Words" Miles O'Brien was reporting breathlessly on the fight over pre-war Iraq intelligence, Murtha's comments and the GOP's response. In itself this is not at all newsworthy. However, what truly surprised me was O'Brien/CNN decided to do more than a cursory paragraph, they outlined a few of the GOP's current talking points via clips from Bush and directly questioned the validity of the arguments-- then used facts to address that Bush isn't being honest, that the GOP is manipulating the truth. O'Brien came within inches of saying the following talking points are lies.

1) Before the Iraq war congress had the same intelligence that the Bush Administration did. (Not true, Bush Administration had full access, congress did not.)

2) That independent, bipartisan investigations have established that there was no manipulation of intelligence by the Bush Administration. (Soledad O'Brien also caught this lie when interviewing Dan Bartlett the other day.)

They spent a good chunk of time talking about this instead of the usual short attention span story jumping, when they did change the subject they talked about the suicide bombing in a Iraqi mosque. After that they showed clips of the Murtha-bashing GOP which didn't play very well all strung together. It's all Iraq, all the time, as it should be, we are at war for f*ck's sake.

I'm not overly optimistic but we *could* be in a historical turning point right now, all thanks to Murtha.

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