Rewriting "Scalito: Journey to the Supreme Court"

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rewriting "Scalito: Journey to the Supreme Court"

It has been 30 hours since Bush nominated Samuel Alito and I'm already tired/sick/exhausted/bored of this so-called Big SCOTUS Battle. Why? It feels like I read a badly written, predictable novel and now I'm being forced to watch the 8-hour, made-for-tv mini-series adaption. In slow motion. It's truly painful to watch.

The "Scalito: Journey to the Supreme Court" script has already been written-- Bush nominates someone that makes the GOP swoon, dems and liberals are outraged, dems fillibuster, GOP uses the nuclear option to break the filibuster, Alito is confirmed. I already find it a little offputting the way that everyone is just going through the motions, doing exactly what is expected, applause here, outrage over there, everyone is doing what they've been gearing up to do. Ultimately the GOP will look like gloating, triumphant winners and dems will be portrayed as hysterical, whiny, abortion-loving losers. Don't get me wrong, I want the dems to fight, but they need to figure out a new way to do it.

What I'm hoping for-- and it feels a little futile-- is that the dems find a way to rewrite the script or toss it out altogether. Alito's public record has been combed through, chances are there really isn't anything that we don't already know. So the only way they are going to derail this nominee is to find something that doesn't belong or do something unpredictable. (No, this does not include the waving of signs or traditional protests either. This accomplishes nothing.) Most importantly, we need to find ways to truly throw the GOP off their game. I hope in all these years of talking about the Big Battle they've come up with some innovative strategies.

Unfortately I only have questions, not answers. I just know I want a different narrative than this one, otherwise Americans aren't going to pay much (any?) attention and the right will get "The End" that they have been working towards for the past decade or more. There is too much at stake to just follow the script. If we want to "bork" Alito we're going to have to think completely outside the box and undermine what we already fear is inevitable.

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