Reason #17 I Oppose the Death Penalty

Monday, November 21, 2005

Reason #17 I Oppose the Death Penalty

This is from my good buddy David over at the National Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty who works so passionately, tirelessly on this very difficult issue.
The Houston Chronicle has published a two-part series strongly suggesting that Ruben Cantu, executed in 1993 under the watch of Texas Gov. Ann Richards, was innocent.
Ruben Cantu was 17 when he was accused of being involved in a robbery-murder and the case against him was shamefully flimsy. Even the prosector who sought the death penalty in Cantu's case now regrets it, "It's so questionable...There are so many places where it could break down. No physical evidence tied Cantu to the crime and investigators never interviewed witnesses who could have provided an alibi for Cantu."

I only hope that if it can be verified that an innocent minor was sentenced to death that the American public will actually care. I guess we might find out pretty soon.

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