Nailing Senator Kittenkiller to the Wall

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nailing Senator Kittenkiller to the Wall

Tbogg does it so well.
"It's an affront to our leadership," Mr. Frist said. "It's an affront to the United States of America. And it is wrong."

How's this, Senator Dr. Mr. Frist:

Suck on it, you inside-trading, cat-killing, homo-hating, would-blow-James Dobson-for-a-shot-at-the-presidency dumbass. If you hadn't gone and campaigned against Tom Daschle you wouldn't be getting bitch-slapped like Jonah Goldberg in a leather bar. No offense to Daschle, but he never would have had the balls to pull this off.

You made your bed, now quit sniveling, you whiny-assed bitch, and go lie in it.
Granted the thought of Jonah Goldberg in a leather bar requires me to give my imagination a thorough cleaning, but it's still delightful.

For the past 2+ years we here at demagogue have continually referred to Tom DeLay as the "World's Biggest Asshole." (WBA) At one point we referred to Senator Bill Frist as "Senator Kittenkiller" but it has since fallen by the wayside. It's time to bring it back and reanimate the kitten corpse, so to speak. (If I did graphic stuff I'd have to put together an image to go with that notion-- zombie kittens searching in earnest for the man who tortured them to death, searching for all eternity for Frist's brain.) He's Senator Kittenkiller from here on out.

All kidding aside, there is something deeply disturbing about what Frist did while he was in medical school. Most med school students have an understandable anxiety about anatomy class, maybe even a healthy curiosity. But Frist? He was so driven by a desire to dissect and hone his surgical skills that his sense of right and wrong was overwhelmed, so while in med school he adopted felines from local shelters to practice surgery on them at home, thus killing an unpublished number of them. (shudder) Aren't tales such as these usually part of some story about the childhoods of people who grew up to be serial killers? Hmmm. Next to his kittenkilling days Frist's insider trading investiation doesn't seem so bad.

Additionally, if you'd like to show Harry Reid that you support his Frist-affronting actions yesterday, go here.

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