Does Ann Coulter Have a Brother?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Does Ann Coulter Have a Brother?

If she does, this could very well be his blog. You can almost feel the spittle.
Treason Lobby Making It's Moves
How did it come to this? Are the Democrats so shallow that they would sacrifice the prestige and power of the United States in their quest for power? [Um, huh?] Do they want the US military to be in a post war funk like it was after Vietnam? [I'm sure our soldiers would rather be dead than sad.] Would they really want to abandon Iraq, leaving it open to Al Queda and other Wahhabi terrorist groups, to possible civil war, and to Iran? [Possible civil war?]Is that what they call Patriotism, to call for the surrender of ones own country?

Well, it isn't patriotism in my book. [We know, in your book true patriotism is never questioning anything a Republican leader says.] These Surrender-Dems are an embarrassment. [Um, our goal was to take down Saddam, right? I don't remember rebuilding the country and fighting a civil war as part of the pre-war "to do" list.] We aren't discussing taxation or health care. We are discussing America at War. A shooting war. [Don't forget the bombs, chemical weapons and torture.]Iraq is part and parcel of a long term strategy against international and Middle Eastern terrorism, whether the Left likes it or not. All the Left is doing is emboldening the enemy, just like they did during Vietnam.

Now, they are welcome to speak their minds. That is their Right. And it is my Right to call them what they are: Traitors. [If you really believe that why aren't you advocating that we all be brought up on treason charges?]
Things like this are too unhindged and divorced from reality to be infuriating, especially since most of America now sees this war for what it is-- a disaster. But it is a window into how the other side thinks in Right-Wing Lunatic Bizarro World. It's sort of fascinating in all its twisted glory.

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