Well, That's REDACTED Helpful

Friday, October 14, 2005

Well, That's REDACTED Helpful

The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants (PDF) for Joseph Kony and four of his top leaders in the Lord's Resistance Army.

What did Kony do, exactly? It's hard to say
14. NOTING that the Prosecutor charges JOSEPH KONY with crimes against humanity and war crimes, as specified in Counts 1 to 33 of his application, in connection with the attacks on the REDACTED, the REDACTED IDP Camp REDACTED, the REDACTED IDP Camp, the REDACTED IDP Camp, the REDACTED IDP Camp and the REDACTED IDP Camp;

15. NOTING that the Prosecutor alleges that, on REDACTED 2003, REDACTED armed men REDACTED attacked the REDACTED in REDACTED District, Uganda, abducted REDACTED girls and looted REDACTED;

16. NOTING that the evidence submitted, including statements from REDACTED, suggests that JOSEPH KONY ordered that REDACTED; that in REDACTED 2003 JOSEPH KONY raped REDACTED and induced the commission of the crime of rape REDACTED;

Attack on REDACTED IDP Camp

17. NOTING that the Prosecutor alleges that, on REDACTED 2003 REDACTED fighters REDACTED attacked the REDACTED IDP Camp REDACTED in the REDACTED District, abducted civilians and forced them to carry looted items; that, according to Ugandan authorities, the attack resulted in the death of REDACTED civilians and in the abduction of REDACTED civilians, REDACTED;

18. NOTING that the evidence submitted, including accounts from REDACTED and intercepted radio communications, suggests that the REDACTED IDP Camp was attacked in a manner consistent with JOSEPH KONY’s orders to attack civilians living in IDP camps; that JOSEPH KONY and REDACTED had discussed the plan to attack the REDACTED IDP Camp REDACTED;
I really feel bad for poor little "Redacted" - Kony and the LRA sure were cruel to him/her/it.

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