Very Nicely Argued

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Very Nicely Argued

It has become a point of contention over at The Corner that Harriet Miers just isn't qualified to serve on the SCOTUS; the latest revelation is that Miers has argued a mere 8 cases before juries in her entire career as a lawyer. Objecting to the criticism, a lawyer e-mailed John Podhoretz to point out that this is pretty typical for a lot of lawyers who spend the vast majority their practice in their offices in negotiations, on the phone, and not in a courtroom. However, John Podhoretz still isn't convinced, "If the Miers defenders want to make the case that her experience writing briefs and billing hours and negotiating settlements has prepared her for the Supreme Court, they should go right ahead."

"J-Pod" remarks, "I feel like George Jetson: Jane, won't somebody stop this crazy thing?"

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