Time to Look in the Mirror

Friday, October 28, 2005

Time to Look in the Mirror

Thursday's edition of USA Today published a letter to the editor by "D. Barton" of Port Orange, Fla., a self-identified Republican who enthusiastically trumpeted the candidacy of Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate. Steele, Maryland's first African-American lieutenant governor, announced this week he will run for the Senate in '06.

Barton voiced hope that Steele is "elected overwhelmingly" by Maryland voters, adding:
I don't know him, nor am I resident of Maryland. Instead, I want him to win because it'd be a step in the right direction to show black America that we Republicans have no agenda to hinder black advancement.

Members of the Democratic Party and some liberal-controlled news media outlets want blacks in the USA to feel that they're suppressed, need government subsidies and can't make it on their own merit.
What's wrong this picture? Dems and the media are blasted for supposedly believing that blacks "can't make it on their own merit," but this Republican believes Steele should make it to the Senate simply because he's black.

Barton doesn't "know" Steele -- presumably that means he's unaware of Steele's positions on the issues. He seems to know little more than one fact: Steele is black and his victory would help spit-polish the GOP's image. Barton is treating blacks as a prop in the very same way of which he accuses others.

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