Lightning Strikes Twice in a Week

Monday, October 10, 2005

Lightning Strikes Twice in a Week

Last Thursday I agreed with Ann Coulter, today I find myself agreeing with...Alan Keyes.
[I]t is clear that nothing in the public record provides grounds for the conclusion that the Miers nomination deserves the support of pro-life moral conservatives. We are not concerned with her church affiliation or her personal convictions, but with her capacity to understand, articulate and apply the foundational moral principles that make sense of our constitutional arrangements. Other candidates, like Janice Rogers Brown, have demonstrated such capacity. Though the administration has apparently given some conservative leaders secret information meant to placate their concerns, the simple fact is that such secret information is no proper basis for the judicial confirmation process. The vote of each senator will be a matter of public record, and they must be held publicly accountable for their decision. If key reasons for their decision are hidden from the public, how can people fairly judge whether it made sense?
Last week I felt dirty, today I feel like I need to go spend a week soaking in Terwilliger Springs, a beautiful, clothing-optional natural hot springs just outside of Eugene, Oregon. (Bonus glee-- it's in a state park so it has an official sign on the trail to the springs that states "clothing-optional area ahead.")

The nomination of Harriet Miers is certainly making a mess of American politics by the likes of which I have never seen. I'm starting to love her if only for the chaos factor.

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