Harriet Miers?!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers?!

Bush has nominated his White House counsel and former personal lawyer as the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States. Nice job, Mr. President. How good of you to nominate someone with even less of a record than John Roberts-- you saved everyone a lot of time by naming someone who has never written an opinon and has never been a judge. I suppose that in leiu of an actual record that hints what kind of judge she might be we're supposed to just trust your superior judgement that you think she's super-duper. Gah. Your well of good ol' boy arrogance is truly bottomless, isn't it?

As Althouse points out, Miers has apparently pulled a "Cheney." She was in charge of the effort to find a replacement for O'Connor. Ha ha. I'm slightly surprised at this nomination if only because the Bush Administration seems totally immune to any concerns about its pattern of blatant, obnoxious cronyism. This even makes the appointment of Mike Brown as head of FEMA look piddly. The lifetime position of Supreme Court Justice is not supposed to be a job you give to someone because you consider them a really dear, loyal friend. He's really gone far, far too far this time.

I wonder if right-wing "pro-family" groups will have any trouble with her because she apparently doesn't value marriage or family-- she has never been married and doesn't have any children. Instead, she's been a "career girl" her entire life. I do wonder if Christian conservatives can trust a woman who never married, never had children. By their standards doesn't that immediately call into question what kind of woman she is? Plus, if she's a good Christian woman and doesn't believe in sex before marriage did Bush just nominate a 60-year old virgin to the SCOTUS?

By the way, nice annoucement timing. Looks like the Rosh Hashana dinner we were supposed to attend tonight is going to be cancelled. L'Shanah Tovah.

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