Don't Fool With Father Webster

Friday, October 21, 2005

Don't Fool With Father Webster

I suppose most people reading this blog would be surprised by the degree of sympathy I feel for David Parker. Without knowing more details of what happened, I certainly am in no position to condone what he did or to criticize the authorities for prosecuting him--but I can sympathize with his emotional response to discovering (as he thought, anyway) that the school was teaching his son something that conflicted with the values that Parker himself wants his son to adhere to.

But his lawyer needs to work on his spin (the quote is attributed to Parker, but no normal person talks like this; only lawyers and politicians do).
We will continue to move forward as we always have with tolerance and patience in these matters.
Apart from the horrible but increasingly heard phrase "move forward" (evidence of a lawyer's hand), whatever traits Parker's actions demonstrated, tolerance and patience weren't among them.

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