Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have to admit that I am enjoying the conservative schizophrenia over the nomination of Harriet Miers. Half seem to be convinced that Bush screwed them, while the other half seems to be desperately trying to convince themselves that Bush has pulled off an ingenious head fake - offering up a seemingly underqualified and enigmatic nominee who will soon reveal herself to be a federalist's wet dream.

Kevin McCullough is one of the latter
On a day when Conservatives of every stripe went from mildly frustrated to just plain mad. We at the MuscleHead Revolution have unearthed the secret as to why Harriet Miers is the dream pick we wanted out of Bush but didn't know if we would get.

Liberals will get the chills.

She stands for the protection of life - born and pre-born.

She stands for the sanctity of biblical marriage.

And she stands for the authority of the text of the Constitution.

In other words she is as strong a Constructionist as can be found.

Schumer, Reid, and Leahy should be quaking in their boots at how they got ridiculously sloppy enough to recommend her to the President.
McCullough is so convinced that he has the inside scoop that he has even bought ads on a variety of right-wing blogs trying to garner attention (I found it on Prof. Bainbridge.) Hell, he even issued a press release.

And on what basis does McCullough make such bold claims about Miers?
McCullough based his assertions after spending some time in a lengthy interview with the man who has served as Harriet Miers' church pastor for the past 25 years.
So there you go.

Since I am not religious and do not attend church, I guess I can't really say just how well Harriet Miers' pastor knows her. But considering that even people who have worked with her at the White House don't seem to have any idea about her views on the interpreting the Constitution, I think it is safe to assume that her pastor knows even less.

But maybe I am wrong. For all I know, Miers and her pastor spent hours discussing the details of the Ninth Amendment, the Takings Clause, and the limits of federal power. I guess I'd have to listen to McCullough's interview with her pastor to be sure.

But that ain't gonna happen.

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