Snark Snuggling

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Snark Snuggling

By way of the lovely long-lost Helena Montana...

This was so funny that I had to share. Embrace the snark!

Wonkette's Tips to Make John Roberts's Confirmation More Interesting:

• Figure out which senators aren't wearing make-up.
• Go through box of crayons trying to approximate the exact shade of Roberts' dreamy blue eyes.
• Turn off sound, do voice over giving senators funny voices or accents.
• Turn off sound, start "Dark Side of the Moon." Freaky, huh?
• Put ten glasses of water on your coffee table, one containing poison: close your eyes and re-arrange them. Every time Specter says, "let him finish," drink one.
• Translate the hearings for your cat ("And then the senator asked 'meow meow meeeow meow meoooow.'").
• Count your yawns per hour; now, can you double that the next hour?
• Assfuck -- while you still can.
• Prank call the committee members' offices, asking "Is your democracy running?"
• Watch them with a gerbil in your trousers.

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