L'Italia anche?

Monday, September 19, 2005

L'Italia anche?

Is Italy next?
Romano Prodi, the center-left leader expected to challenge Premier Silvio Berlusconi in general elections next year, said he favored giving legal status to unmarried couples. Prodi stopped short of proposing legalization of same-sex marriages, such as is the case in Spain, but said he was looking to a 1999 French law that gives unmarried couples, including gay and lesbian couples, extensive legal rights if they register their unions with the state.
At this point it doesn't seem likely to happen but it would be very interesting if it did. If same-sex unions were legalized would the Vatican spontaneously combust? relocate? (There are a number of red states that are in no danger of allowing same sex unions/marriage for at least a few decades, if not longer.)

Ultimately, how powerful would the Vatican appear to the world if it couldn't even keep same-sex unions/marriage out of Italy?

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