Hmmm ..... Which City Would That Be?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hmmm ..... Which City Would That Be?

I just received an e-mail from the Human Rights Campaign, noting that anti-gay protesters last week gathered outside HRC's Washington, D.C. offices with signs and chants declaring that Hurricane Katrina was God's rage against "a city of 'sinners and sodomites.' " But since so many cities on or near the Gulf coast were heavily damaged by Katrina, it's not clear from the e-mail message to which city the protesters were referring?

Of course, cities such as Gulfport, Miss. and New Orleans were hard hit. But, as these photos reveal, Bay St. Louis, Miss. was also pounded by the hurricane. Perhaps the protesters were talking about Pascagoula, Miss., where many lives and homes were lost.

Yes, I know, I know -- the protesters had a very specific city in mind. Yet, if one considers the proportional damage that cities in the region suffered, one could argue that God's wrath was directed at Waveland, Miss., a city that MSNBC reports was "nearly wiped off the map." Katrina, the network reported, "seemed to take a particular vengeance out on Waveland, Mississippi."

So I guess Waveland must have been a virtual cesspool of sin and sodomy.

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