Do Conservatives Care About Darfur?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Do Conservatives Care About Darfur?

Feddie linked to this very long but quite good article in First Things on Darfur and the evangelical community's response over on the CFD.

For people who read this blog, that is probably not particularly interesting, so I'll just highlight the one part that reminds us that the certain right wing preachers are shameless hypocrites
Another influence is the recrudescence of the culture war. Gay marriage and the related issue of judicial appointments exploded onto the agenda, diverting attention from Darfur. Indeed, one prominent born-again leader admitted to me that “the timing” was not convenient for a full press on the international front. A related factor pertains to pietistic habits of the evangelical mind, as identified by Mark Noll, that result in an episodic and reactive public engagement. Certain prominent evangelical figures, such as Gary Bauer and James Dobson, who put their formidable networks in service of the cause in southern Sudan, are now largely silent on Darfur.

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