Conference for and by the Greatest Demagogues

Friday, September 09, 2005

Conference for and by the Greatest Demagogues

I just received this e-mail.

Countering the War on Faith Conference

You're Invited!

Dear Zoe,

Are you

  • Disgusted by Hollywood's attacks on Judeo-Christian ethics?
  • Outraged by media slander of Christians?
  • Incensed by judicial assaults on Americans' right to publicly acknowledge God?
  • Sick and Tired of seeing our children indoctrinated in the homosexual lifestyle?

    Learn how and why the left is relentlessly attacking people of faith - and how to stop it!

    Confirmed Speakers Includde [sic]:
    Sen. Sam Brownback
    Phylis Schlafly
    Gary Bauer
    Alan Keyes
    Sen. Rick Santorum
    Sen. John Cornyn
    Congressman Tom DeLay
    Judge Roy Moore
    Rabbi Daniel Lapin
    Hon. Zel Miller
  • For people who are so disgusted by homosexuals, it's amusing to me that they have a picture of men kissing as part of their e-mail banner. However, I'd like to know more about the latest homosexual indoctrination techniques, so I think I might have to go. Especially since it's here in DC at the Omni Shoreham (just north of DC's gay Dupont Circle) and it is most of my very favorite right-wing demagogues-- WBA! Ricky! Roy! Alan! Jerry! Gary! Zel! Phyllis! Sam! Only Pat "High Priest of Demagoguery" Robertson would make the list complete.

    The problem is that it's $149, although married couples get in for $259. Anyone want to be my beard/husband October 17-18? We could find out what those badges look like and make our own. Or maybe we can get in free as "press"? (We'd probably just have to make up a right-wing newsblog, say we're friends of Jeff Gannon.) In my experience conferences like these have very light security, if any. If you smile, look the part and dress the part, they're happy to have you there. Any other takers?

    Hmmm. I think there is still an active Lesbian Avengers group around, perfect place for an old fashioned "Kiss-in" or some other similar mischief. Might have to drop them an e-mail.

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