Can You Name That Judge?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Can You Name That Judge?

Here are some clues. This judge:
a) graduated 640th in a West Point class of 800.

b) was nicknamed "Captain America" during his stint in Vietnam.

c) can thank a trial of two male strippers for catapaulting him into the public's eye.

d) moved to Australia in the 1980s and worked for several months as a cowboy at a 42,000-acre ranch.
This final clue may give it away:
e) won election to the supreme court in his state by defeating Harold See, whose chief campaign adviser was Karl Rove.
In this month's Atlantic Monthly, staff writer Joshua Green's follows Roy Moore and "the rock" on a nationwide tour. It's an interesting, surreal article -- an almost superfluous description for an article about the "Ten Commandments" judge.

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