Ask and Ye Shall...Something, Something

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall...Something, Something

Tom DeLay, the World's Biggest Asshole, seems to know exactly who to blame in the "blame game."
"It's the local officials trying to handle the problem. When they can't handle the problem, they go to the state, and the state does what they can to, and if they need assistance from FEMA and the federal government they ask for it and it's delivered," DeLay said.

He added that Alabama and Mississippi did a much better job of responding quickly than Louisiana. Alabama and Mississippi have Republican governors.
Is this really the best spin you can do? According to you the federal government didn't know that Louisiana needed help? That Louisiana's officials didn't ask the federal government for help? Maybe they just didn't ask nicely enough-- did they forget to say please with a cherry and sprinkles on top?

I suppose the fact that the governor of Louisiana declared a "State of Emergency" on the Friday before Katrina hit land doesn't matter, nor does it matter that Bush himself declared Louisiana to be in a "State of Emergency" on Saturday before Katrina hit. I think I understand why you cancelled the House hearings and are happy to see them delayed-- you're hoping the nation's disgust level will dissapate along with the putrid flood waters.

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