America Supports You Freedom Walk

Friday, September 02, 2005

America Supports You Freedom Walk

I just received an e-mail from the awkwardly named "America Supports You Freedom Walk" reminding me of the upcoming 9/11 event in Washington, DC.
Thank you for registering for the first ever America Supports You Freedom Walk. To avoid long lines on the morning of the walk, we are encouraging all walkers to pick-up their walk credentials at one of the designated pre-distribution centers prior to September 11, 2005. Please bring your printed confirmation ticket to verify your registration.
Hmmm. Apparently I do need "walk credentials" to go on the government-sponsored, taxpayer-supported 9/11 march/Clint Black concert. At least they could have implied that I don't need "credentials," but instead they could have tried to woo me to pick up my "free" t-shirt! I wonder if I have to wear the t-shirt to walk? Is that how they're going to decide who is allowed to be there?

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