Why Can't it Be the Summer of 2004?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why Can't it Be the Summer of 2004?

Everyone is aware of Bush's national approval ratings hovering in the low-to-mid 40s. However, Bush's state-by-state ratings paint a much uglier portrait.

Out of America's 50 states* only 10 have more people who approve of President Bush than disapprove, 2 states are divided down the middle-- and a whopping 38 states dislike him more than they like him.

A short list of states that are of particular interest to some of the folks around here:

Arkansas: 40 - 56
California: 32 - 62
Colorado: 45 - 53
Florida: 44 - 53
Kentucky: 42 - 53
Maryland: 34 - 62
New Jersey: 35 - 61
New York: 34 - 62
Ohio: 37 - 60
PA: 40 - 56
Rhode Island: 29 - 68 (state with lowest approval rating)
Texas: 55 - 43
Virginia: 42 - 52
Wisconsin: 41 - 55

Damn. Can we call officially call him an unpopular POTUS yet?

The 10 states that like him? Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Texas, Alabama, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma and Mississippi (within the margin of error).

The top 10 states that Bush should avoid visiting: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, California, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and Ohio. Ohio especially has very serious case of buyer's remorse considering that it looks like a solid blue state right now. Too bad there's no return/exhange policy.

Overall picture? Bush remains popular in the states with the fewest number of people. Everywhere else? Not so much.

Considering it is my natural disposition to care and fight for the underdog, I almost feel bad for the Vacationer-in-Chief-- not.

* Yeah, DC isn't even on the list. Pbbbbtttt.

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