Thank Goodness for Jon Stewart

Monday, August 15, 2005

Thank Goodness for Jon Stewart

If it weren't for the Daily Show, the Brits would be better at satirizing our politicians than we are. Private Eye's St. Albion newsletter, though about Tony Blair, often expertly nails the American presidents whom he serves works with (since St. Albion is a fictional Anglican parish where a certain Rev. A.R.P. Blair is the vicar, his American colleagues have been the Rev. William Jefferson Clinstone of the Church of the Seven-Day Fornicators and his successor, the Rev. Dubya of the Latter-Day Morons).

Remember a week or two ago when there was the fuss about whether the "War on Terror" was going to be called something else from now on? Here's the Private Eye story:

The White House has confirmed that it will no longer be referring to the ongoing conflict in Iraq as the 'war on terror', saying the term had too many negative connotations.

"From now on we'll be referring to it as 'Desperate Housewives'", said a White House spokesman, "as our market research has shown that this will make the ongoing instability in the country much less worrying to the American people."

"We're also considering changing George Bush to 'Bill Clinton' as that's also proving very popular."

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