Public Shame

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Public Shame

There is a special level of hell reserved for gay couples who take advantage of the laws that discriminate against their families just so that they can hurt their ex-spouse after they break up. In Kentucky 2 men have 5 children together-- 4 are biologically related to one father, 1 is related to the other. But now that the couple is broken up the biological father of the 4 3-year old quads is using Kentucky law to keep the other father away. It should go without saying that if people are together in the creation of child(ren), that they should be defined as legally responsible for the caring and raising of the child.

Biology is not everything, gay people should know that better than anyone. But sadly these types of cases pop up every so often just to remind us that most people are selfish assholes who will do whatever they want if they feel justified by their emotions. Sadly a lot of gay couples, myself included, like to think we're immune to many of the mistakes that hetero parents make based on the fact that we have to work so deliberately to even have children. But anyone who uses their children as a weapon in a legal battle to punish/hurt an ex-spouse has no business being a parent.

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