Orwell is Spinning in his Grave

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Orwell is Spinning in his Grave

At first glance I thought the Pengtagon-sponsored "America Supports Your Freedom Walk" & Clint Black Concert in Washington, DC on 9/11/05 just seemed laughably ludacrious and totally inappropriate. However, after reading other people's observations I've come to realize that it reeks of blatant goverment propaganda with a bitter totalitarian aftertaste.

They've really outdone themselves this time.

Frankly, this event would be far more appropriate on Veteran's Day, not the anniversary of 9/11. Historically, marches in DC are protests against the government, not events sponsored by the government. By calling it a pro-troops walk they are doing what they've been doing for years, villifying anyone who opposes the Iraq war by making them out to be anti-troops. Therefore anyone protesting this march is opposing the troops, not the war itself. I don't know if they've thought too much about how they're going to pull this whole thing off without a PR mess. The whole event shamelessly merges the tragedy of 9/11 with the Iraq war, linking Saddam Hussein with al Queda despite the fact that there is no evidence of a connection, well, except for the one the Bush Administration established after 9/11.

Which brings to mind some questions-- what about people who join the ASYF Walk to protest it? will they be removed? I'd say yes, as participants are required to register beforehand and you cannot register the day of the event. I registered to see if people are required to sign a loyalty oath. While there was no loyalty oath my name, address, and phone number were required fields and I was instructed to bring my registration to the event. So it seems likely that they'll simply remove any protestors by saying that they aren't registered. Sounds like a real march for freedom, eh? They may as well post signs on the Mall that day that say "Loyal Americans and War-Supporters Only, no Cindy Sheehans Allowed."

As Pandagon points out, all the liberals who think the Bush Administration is somehow Naziesque are totally mistaken, they've got the wrong country, try Soviet-inspired instead.

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