If You Can Type on a Computer Keyboard …

Thursday, August 11, 2005

If You Can Type on a Computer Keyboard …

... Alan Keyes will put your column on his "Renew America" website. Or so it seems.

Normally, Keyes’ own fire-breathing rhetoric is sufficiently caustic and mean-spirited. But now our favorite carpetbagger candidate is sharing space on his website with people who manage to be both belligerent and incoherent at the same time -- consider this column by Doug Hagin. The first two paragraphs are Hagin telling us he is about to get to the point -- any day now:
Let me state right off the bat how good it is to be back writing. In the past few weeks, I just could not do it. Call it burn out, or writers block, or too many personal issues. Call it whatever you like, but the bottom line was I just could not write.

Allow me to thank all those who supported me and understood, and let me also thank those who sent me emails offering support. It does mean a great deal. Now onto getting back to writing my column for this week.
Most of Hagin's remaining text consists of this recurring and self-indulgent theme:
Now on to what things have me shaking my head and asking why. Many are political, some are about sports, or culture, some concern my pet peeves, but all are, in my view, important for all of us to ask.

Why are Liberals so hateful these days? … Why do these same Liberals never seem able to grasp the existence of evil? They were aghast when President Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire ... They were equally fearful of President Bush calling Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the axis of evil. Why for goodness sake?

… why are so-called pro-choice advocates so unwilling to debate medical and biological facts? Show them an ultrasound, or try to support the pro-life position with medical evidence human life does begin at conception and they literally go ballistic.

… Why do so many Liberals refuse to accept that guns are the most effective deterrent to violent crime?

… Why are so many Atheists so afraid of the mention of God? Why fear what you do not believe in?

… Why are the self-appointed civil rights groups always so bitter and angry?

... Why are today's baseball players injecting every imaginable performance enhancing drug to try to break records set by some fat guy, who drink too much and ate junk food?

Why, oh why are the morons who run college football, still not supporting playoffs?

Why do so many televangelists look like a blind person cut their hair, and did their make up?

Why does anyone listen to rap music?
They say that with the advent of the Worldwide Web, practically anyone can get something published. Yes, anyone. Even Doug Hagin.

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