Frist's Scientific Manhood

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Frist's Scientific Manhood

Bill Frist continues to navigate the treacherous waters between the Scylla of keeping the fundamentalists on his side for a 2008 run and the Charybdis of looking like a complete idiot. It reminds me of Doonesbury's harsh 1980s series in which George Bush the Elder placed his political manhood in a blind trust in order to become Reagan's V.P.--suddenly supporting what he had previously called "voodoo economics," abandoning his pro-choice position, and so on.

Frist's triangulation goes on. After it became apparent that his tele-diagnosis of Terri Schiavo threatened to make him a laughingstock, he suddenly bucked the fundies on stem cell research. When the fundamentalist political leadership punished him by disinviting him from the "Justice Sunday" sequel, the message was clear: toe the line or forget about our support in 2008.

Apparently, he got the message.

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