Do Progressives Care About Darfur - Part ?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do Progressives Care About Darfur - Part ?

Over the past few months, I posted a few things asking if Progressives care about Darfur (I don't remember how many - hence the question mark in the title - and am too lazy to track them down.)

Anyway, today via the Liquid List I came across a post from Fables of the Reconstruction entitled Conservative Blog Taxonomy. Mithras gives us a quick overview of what some of the most popular conservative blogs are all about - not surprisingly, Mithras doesn't much approve of them.

I have never read Fables of the Reconstruction before - and judging by this one comment, I don't intend to start now
10. RedState - Formerly known pseudonymously as Tacitus, formerly considered by some liberals as a reasonable conservative, Josh Trevino found that neither was conducive to promotion in Republican circles, so he dumped the name and his former site and founded RedState. Democrats or liberals are both banned and regularly accused of treason; Muslims are presumed dangerous. Darfur is an especially favorite topic, because it both shows Islam in a bad light and has the advantage of not having to actually do anything.
I am not even going to get into how offensive this is, but if Mithras' view is shared by the majority of members of the left/progressive/democratic blogsphere (and I suspect that it is, given the dearth of coverage this issue has received) then they can all fuck off. [Update: I'm an idiot. I just realized that I misread this final statement. For some reason, I read it as saying Darfur "has the advantage of not having to actually do with anything." Obviously, what I thought it said and what it actually said are two completely different things and I so I hereby retract my "the left/progressive/democratic blogsphere can fuck off" remark.]

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