Dazed, Anti-Semitic and Confused

Monday, August 29, 2005

Dazed, Anti-Semitic and Confused

As scary as this sounds, I couldn't help but smirk slightly at the overwhelming ignorance on display in this story.
Vandals burned swastikas and obscenities into the lawn of a Jewish family, splattering windows with eggs and fouling the front porch of their home [outside of Atlanta].

Two swastikas were spray-painted in the road in front of Ginger Ragans' two-story home Sunday and a third was etched onto her lawn, along with the word "Fascist" and an obscenity scrawled in the grass. Her trees were draped with toilet paper and someone had urinated and defecated on the porch.
Unless the vandals intended to sign their handiwork "Fascist" then they're more than a little bit confused about the connection between Jews and fascists.

Apparently the Jewish family believes that it was local teenagers retalitating against them for reporting their loitering activities to the neighborhood watch program. Even if it is true, that is taking what should be a minor grievance really freaking far. Why express it in swastikas when it can be said with toilet paper?

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