Broken Axl?

Friday, August 26, 2005

Broken Axl?

Axl Rose of Guns n' Roses is being sued by his former bandmates, Slash and that other guy, for naming himself the only person responsible for writing/playing/producing songs by the famous band. Which of course means that Axl is the sole financial benefactor. Who knew that the band that stopped playing 10 years ago is still making $500,000 a year for copyright use alone?

Anyways, none of this is too interesting to anyone who isn't a fan of the band, but I did find this particular sentence from the lawsuit amusing.
[Axl] Rose is "suffering an apparent attack of arrogance and ego. He is no longer willing to acknowledge the contributions of his former partners and bandmates in having created some of rock's greatest hits," the suit said.
I'm not going to debate the merit of their music or popularity, but it is unfortunate that in the same sentence that they call him arrogant and egotistical they also choose to assert that they "created some of rock's greatest hits."


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