Saturday, July 23, 2005


I am growing really tired of this
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, visiting a Rwandan genocide memorial on Saturday, expressed regret for his "personal failure" to prevent the 1994 slaughter of 800,000 people.

On a brief visit to look at HIV/AIDS projects in the central African country, Clinton laid a wreath at a museum commemorating victims of the 100-day massacre by extremists from the Hutu majority which took place during his presidency.

"I express regret for my personal failure," he said before touring the museum, which features graphic images of people being decapitated and bodies twitching on the road.
If you want to know why I don't buy it, read this and this.

On top of that, if Clinton really did regret his lack of action in Rwanda, then he would be vocal about the need to address the current situation in Darfur. But, of course, he has been entirely silent on the matter.

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