Outside, Reverse Strategy

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Outside, Reverse Strategy

Apparently one of the ways Democrats and the progressive community could cast doubt on Roberts is to repeat the fact that John Roberts Jr. attended Harvard for 6* consecutive years as much as possible-- it makes right-wingers suspicious. I wonder if that means that Rick Santorum thinks Roberts isn't qualified?

The other way to make the Right lose confidence in Roberts is if all the progressive groups who have been yearning for this fight don't act like a bunch of whiny, alarmist little bitches. If they could all somehow collectively shrug and say "That Roberts guy? Feh, he's not so bad." Then the Right would be like "Hey, why aren't they all freaking out over this guy? If they think he's alright then something is wrong! It is against God's will for us to agree with all those pinko-commie-faggot-babykillers on anything!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the liklihood of anyone being able to pull that off is nil.

* Roberts finished his B.A. in 3 years, summa cum laude. Yowzers. At least we know he's booksmart.

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