Not Holding My Breath

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not Holding My Breath

As much fun as the brewing Rove scandal is right now, I feel compelled to remind myself that it's far from a slam-dunk. There are several things that could kill it, for instance:

1) Bush's Supreme Court Nominee announcement pushes it off the front page (unlike America, the MSM doesn't seem to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time);

2) Justice Rehnquist either retires or expires (he was rushed to the hospital last night), effectively pushing it off the table and onto the floor;

3) Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald thoroughly probes Karl Rove, but doesn't/can't indict him.

I hope my fellow liberal bretheren aren't putting too much stock in this "scandal" going too far beyond where it is right now. While many of us may find it dually fascinating and damning, however, it's just complicated enough that it may not capture America's fickle political interest. And as others have pointed out before me, there aren't any penises or cigars involved, so it just might not have enough scandal staying power, so to speak.

While I sure hope that I'm proven wrong, but if I held my breath every time I had that stomach-butterfly-induced, this-is-it! feeling about the Bush Administration I'd be long dead by now.

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