Cool That Heated Rhetoric

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cool That Heated Rhetoric

Responding to this Drudge Report, Concerned Women for America is calling on Sen. Schumer to
“Drop your war plans and cool your rhetoric, Senator. It’s time to end the ugly partisanship and start working together to give America a Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution and restores rule by ‘We the People.’”
Of course, just one week ago, Jan LaRue was out in front of reporters accusing Democrats of being anti-Arab bigots for suggesting that Henry Saad is a terrorist
“One can hardly imagine a greater act of political cowardice and underhandedness than making such a race-baiting attack on an Arab-American judge in a post 9-ll environment, especially when his position does not afford him the freedom to respond,” CWA’s Chief Counsel Jan LaRue said in her statement today at a press conference hosted by the Third Branch Conference.

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