Winnie the Poohma

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Winnie the Poohma

The Netherlands' biggest celebrity in recent weeks has been a puma who roams the Veluwe, an area of considerable natural beauty in the center of the country.

I'm obviously making this up.

And since I'm making it up, I'll add another little fantastical twist: the attempt to capture the animal alive is being funded by Puma, the sporting goods company.

Also, the animal is known as Winnie the Poohma.

Also, it may actually be a panther.

Video here. It turns out I'm not making it up after all. FAQ's here (in Dutch) include:
  • "What does Winnie eat?"
  • "Why haven't you called Steve Erwin?"
  • "If you can take pictures of Winnie, why haven't you captured him/her?"

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