The Surreal Card

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Surreal Card

I hope that the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights is ready for the GOP to tar them as "racist" and/or "sexist" for opposing the appointment of Janice Rogers Brown.

Not long ago Republicans used to complain a lot about Democrats playing the so-called "Race Card." But they don't talk about it anymore, really, because they've created a new card, the "Surreal Card." It works like this. They intentionally use the race or sex of a person like Janice Rogers Brown to shield her from any and all criticism for her background as a judge, especially her right-wing, conservative activist views.

There are certain Republicans who seem to be making the case that critizing a black person or a woman is in itself racist or sexist, well, it is if they're a Republican. It's a great tactic, for it changes the subject from Brown's record to whether or not the speaker is racist or sexist. But is truly surreal, since few self-respecting Republicans would dare call themselves "feminists" and Democrats are, frankly, the party that the civil rights movement considers "home." This doesn't mean that Democrats get a free pass on issues of race and gender, far from it, but the Republicans are merely posturing and expressing mock outrage and Democrats need to find a successful way to call them out on it.

It's surreal. It's time for it to stop. They have no shame.

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